Create A Smile

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Icing Smiles Canada. Please take a few minutes to read the through some of the most common questions and answers on the Baker's FAQ's and then complete the baker's application form to be added to our volunteer database. 

Icing Smiles Canada is in need of professional bakers across Canada willing to donate their time to create memorable cakes for our kids. Even if were are not currently serving your region, we will make the connections necessary to begin your service. In return for your volunteering, Icing Smiles Canada will promote your bakery on our social media pages. 

Not a professional baker? No problem! Depending on the laws in your province, you need not be a professional to help. While we use many non-professionals to create our cakes, our mission is not limited to birthday cakes. We try to use the talent and passion of our non-professional volunteers to provide treats to the families that make Ronald McDonald House their "home away from home." There is something comforting about returning to the house after a long day at the hospital to find homemade treats waiting for you in the kitchen. We can especially use your help for holiday-themed goodies. This service is being performed only in sponsored provinces where we have a representative and an administrative volunteer willing to coordinate.

Please read the Baker's FAQ's prior to completing the Volunteer Application form to familiarize yourself with the organization. 

We didn’t only receive the most amazing, fun, extravagant cake we could ever ask for, we also made friends.
— Sandra, 2016


Not a baker at all? No problem again! There are many ways to Create a Smile besides baking and decorating. You can donate, volunteer your time to the organization through administrative and technical support or help with fundraising events. Please click on the Get Involved page to read about all the exciting ways you too can be involved. 

Are you a non-profit organization serving medical families? If so, you may be able to help children Receive a Smile as well. For more information, please click on the Get Involved page. 

The cake was well beyond any expectations we had and to top it off it tasted AMAZING!
— Rayne, 2017