We loved the cake and would recommend Icing Smiles to everyone we know. It was incredible and we so appreciate it!
— Shona-Ruth, 2015
It was the first time that I saw him smile for something like that!
— Cynthia, 2015
He was so happy! Finally this was HIS day and he got HIS cake. Having to be on the back burner from time to time isn’t easy. That day was all about him!
— Kim, 2015
Thank you again for the cake. It took a load off my shoulders and it brightened our child’s day.
— Rachelle, 2016
Our family wanted to thank you so much for all the time and love you spent on making our child’s cake. It was ‘deeelicious’ and she can’t stop thinking about it.
— Christina, 2016
Thank you for all you do with Icing Smiles. This is a wonderful organization. For families that have been, and are going through a lot with their medically compromised/challenged child this really is a nice treat.
— Christine, 2016
With our lives consumed with medical needs, it’s very heartwarming knowing there are so many people taking time to care and help make special moments even more special.
— Kerry, 2016
You don’t know how much you help, not only our sick child, but also the whole family!
— Tara, 2016
We will always remember our precious baby’s first birthday and the joy you have all brought to our life.
— Courtney, 2016
We didn’t only receive the most amazing, fun, extravagant cake we could ever ask for, we also made friends. :)
— Sandra, 2016