Types of Cakes

Icing Smiles offers two types of cakes for our families: Dream Cakes and Fun Cakes. 

March 6 - Hendrix (5).JPG

Dream cakes are tiered, 3-dimensional (3D) or carved cakes. These cakes require signification amount of labour hours and have a "WOW" factor.  Each child is currently allowed one under our program. 

March 19 - Colton (2).jpg

Fun cakes do not have all the elements of a Dream Cake but are still special to each child. These cakes can be used by the family for other events. Fun cakes are typically sheet cakes or single tier cakes that are customized for the child. 

He was so happy! Finally this was HIS day and he got HIS cake. Having to be on the back burner from time to time isn’t easy. That day was all about him!
— Kim, 2015

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